That OSHA Mandate – Ricochet

Last Updated on December 23, 2021 by John Galt

This column asks several excellent questions, such as:

If the federal government can mandate that you get vaccinated, what else can it mandate that you do related to health?

Could it mandate that you get 30 minutes of exercise every day?

Could it mandate that male infants get circumcised at birth (to control HPV and cervical cancer)?

Could it mandate that men over 50 get castrated to prevent testicular and prostate cancers?

Could it mandate that when a family has had two kids that all further pregnancies must be aborted to control population and reduce greenhouse emissions? Sure, it’s because we are going to enter a winter of severe illness and death, but climate change is an existential threat that threatens the entire world, so wouldn’t limiting families to just two children be best?

Source: That OSHA Mandate – Ricochet

Another good question that the author doesn’t ask is “If the government can mandate that you buy insurance that you don’t want and maybe don’t need, what else can it mandate?”