Eviction Moratorium Fails In Congress

Last Updated on August 2, 2021 by John Galt

Image by Jens Neumann from Pixabay

You know what? The majority, and I mean the majority of landlords don’t get into the business to make it rich and buy a yacht to sail around the world. Nope, they do so in order to gain a small bit of income…AFTER paying the mortgage, taxes, property taxes, any repair bills, and other items such as lawn care.

Source: Landlords Win: Eviction Moratorium Fails In Congress – Victory Girls Blog

All landlords are not evil corporations/slumlords and all tenants are not people down on their luck, out of work due to covidiocy. Many, very many, landlords are just ordinary people who bought rental property to make a few bucks and to provide some additional retirement income. Now, faced with paying mortgages, taxes, repairs, etc., they are nearing, or are already in, bankruptcy. And many tenants, instead of scrimping and saving as much as possible of their covid “stimulus” payments, squandered their money on video games, large screen TVs, and other luxury items, thinking that the rent would never come due. But now it will and thousands, tens of thousands, of tenants are facing thousands of dollars in back rent. This is a huge crisis in the making: will there be a wave of evictions resulting in a huge increase in homeless? Or will many landlords, feeling that something is better than nothing, work with tenants to compromise on back payments? The next few days should tell.

There never should have been a moratorium on evictions in the first place. The federal government has no constitutional power to enact such a thing (as the Supreme Court belatedly ruled–no thank you, Justice Kavanaugh), and doing so just created a huge pent-up debt that will now come due.