Brian Mark Weber: The Worrisome Drop in Fertility — The Patriot Post

Source: Brian Mark Weber: The Worrisome Drop in Fertility — The Patriot Post

As a societal trend instead of the individual choice of a relative few, this will continue to have widespread, negative impacts on our society. For example, Social Security and Medicare will be harder to prop up with fewer workers paying into the system. Replacing an aging workforce will lead to more calls for increased immigration, leading to social and cultural instability. And America will be less competitive across a range of industries and fields when millions of unskilled workers are brought in to replace those heading into retirement.

The author writes, “… some experts blame the coronavirus, but the downward trend was already occurring.” A search of “covid vaccines female infertility” produces entry after entry similar to the following:

However, I was at a neighborhood meeting last week at which a woman said that she currently works at a fertility clinic and they routinely harvest eggs from women. She said that the rate of non-viable eggs has substantially increased among women who had received the vaccine (she didn’t say which one of the vaccines). Specifically, she said that there was one woman from whom they had harvested eggs several times and whose eggs have, in the past, been extremely viable–all but one of two out of a batch being viable. This woman came in again after having received the vaccine and they harvested 30 eggs. All but two of them were non-viable. They fertilized the two eggs with sperm and they began to multiply. However, when they had almost reached the stage where they would be implanted, they both died. This fertility clinic is very concerned about the effects of the vaccine on the reproductive organs of women. (Clearly, I don’t understand any details about this process, so please be kind about telling me what an idiot I am about how all this is done.)

Is it possible that some people who are concerned that there are too many people on the earth have found a way to reduce the population without actually having to kill anyone? I think it is possible indeed, and very concerning. For a fictional account of such a situation, see The Children of Men, by PD James.

Of course, anyone who dares ask about infertility caused by Covid vaccines is ridiculed as an “anti-vaxxer” or worse. And no social medium will allow such a post to remain long. For some reason, I’m always a bit skeptical when “the powers that be” won’t allow dissenting voices to be heard. Issues such as this one, opposing viewpoints about human-caused climate change, and questions about the legitimacy of the 2020 election are examples of things you are not allowed to say.