If You’re Not Already Using the Brave Browser, You Should Be

Last Updated on March 8, 2021 by John Galt

Read 6 Reasons Why You Must Switch To Brave Browser Now to find out more. I have been using Brave instead of Firefox/Chrome/Edge for more than a year and have come to love it.

The Founder of Brave is Brendan Eich, former CEO of Mozilla (Firefox) who was forced out when it was disclosed that he had donated to the campaign to stop same-sex marriage in California. This was one of the early “cancel culture” events. Remember, you are not allowed to have opinions that are different from the “woke”.

Now, Eich and Brave are working on a new search engine. It turns out that there currently really are only two search engines: Google and Bing. I’ve been using DuckDuckGo, which is very privacy-oriented, but I’ve just learned that DuckDuckGo isn’t truly a search engine; it uses Bing in the background but doesn’t pass any of your identifying information to Bing. So it does protect your privacy, which is good. The new search engine from Brave will be a “third” engine. It won’t depend on either Google or Bing; it will stand on its own. Read more at Cancelled Tech Genius Behind Brave Preps the First New Search Engine.

You can download and install Brave here.

You can sign up for the waitlist for Brave Search here.